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Supporting bird conservation, promoting local birds and conserving their habitats.

Terns, Shorebirds and ducks rest and feed at the mouth of the Wilson Inlet.

(Fairy Terns, Whiskered Terns, Crested Terns, Red-necked Stints and Grey Teal)

The Denmark Bird Group

The Denmark Bird Group is a community group based in Denmark on the beautiful South Coast of Western Australia. It is an advocate for birds in the region: proposing a bird sanctuary at the mouth of the Wilson Inlet; organising bird surveys; hosting educational and social events, and leading bird outings.


The Denmark Bird Group organises monthly Bird Outings, has monthly committee meetings. In addition it organises various events throughout the year such as talks on birds or topics related to birds

Bird Sanctuary at the Mouth of the Wilson Inlet

A Bird Sanctuary at the mouth of the Wilson Inlet was endorsed by the Shire in June 2022 and will come into effect as of 14 July 2022. The Sanctuary will cover the northern part of the Prawn Rock Island and the adjacent mud-flats. It is an important feeding, roosting and breeding area for shorebirds, waterbirds, seabirds and “bush” birds. The Bird Group is currently seeking grants to supplement funds for the construction of a permanent fence across the Island. This will be followed by the installation of signage.

Bird Surveys

Monitoring of bird populations is an important part of understanding the threats to birds and their conservation needs. As such the DBG partakes in local, international and national bird surveys.

Raising awareness of local birds.

A number of articles have been written on local birds and published in the “Denmark Bulletin” for which the DBG is very grateful.

Local Birds

Galleries featuring birds found in the Denmark Region are available to help identify birds you have seen or would like to see!

Birding Sites around Denmark

Some suggestions on where to find birds around Denmark


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