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Kirsty Anderson

Jill Williams

Alan Bewsher

Nick Whishaw

Brad Kneebone (Media Spokesperson)

Jesz Fleming

Mark Hackleton

John Anderson

Teresa Ashton-Graham

Tim Gamblin

Jeff Spencer

Judi Cowie

Rosemary Maddox

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Formed in July 2016

In July 2016 the Denmark Bird Group was formed as a means of attracting greater community membership and support for bird conservation.

Our membership and support has continued to grow in conjunction with the Denmark community awareness of the Prawn rock Bird Sanctuary mission.

Although the need for the bird sanctuary drove the formation of the local bird group, the additional aim was to raise the community’s level of knowledge and awareness of the local and regional birdlife.  A particular emphasis has been upon Wilson Inlet which, though dear to the Denmark community, was not well known for its highly significant role as a wetland home to thousands of birds of over seventy species, especially to migratory shorebird species being probably the least known.

The Denmark Bird Group was registered as an Incorporated Association in June 2021.

We are a dedicated group of enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about bird conservation and who strongly support the protection and welfare of birdlife.

Our logo is the Red-capped Plover, they can be seen at the mouth of the Wilson Inlet where they breed. This is just one of the species we hope the new bird sanctuary will protect. The bird sanctuary was recently approved by the Shire of Denmark, effective from 14 July 2022.

Affiliations to other Organisations

BirdLife Western Australia

The Denmark Bird Group is an Associate Group of BirdLife Western Australia. BirdLife WA is the Regional Branch of BirdLife, which is the premier Bird conservation organisation in Australia. It leads many bird conservation initiatives relating to threatened species, has various Citizen Science projects, has three reserves and two Bird Observatories (both in WA – Broome and Eyre), has lots of educational material and resources and Publishes a quarterly magazine “Australian Birdlife”. The WA branch also has a quarterly Magazine “WA Bird Notes” with notes on WA sightings, activities and articles by local members.

Denmark Environment Centre

The Denmark Bird Group is an Associate of The Denmark Environment Centre (DEC).  DEC coordinates and participates in a number of projects such as Research and study essential to address fire safety concerns and Forests for Life. They also operate a shop on Strickland Street.

WA Landcare Network

The DBG is a member of the WA Landcare Network.

The WA Landcare Network Inc (WALN) is the peak state landcare body established to represent and support landcare groups across the state and at the national level. WALN is effectively owned by grassroots landcarers. WALN is focused on providing improved support, coordination and capacity building to landcare groups and increasing landcare’s input into NRM decision making.

Thank you to our Supporters and Funders

Shire of Denmark

The Denmark Bird Group acknowledges the generous support of the Shire of Denmark by awarding a Community Grant in 2021 to enable the purchase of a digital projector and a screen to assist with ongoing presentations of Bird Talk Events, workshops and educational events to the broader Denmark Community.

A Sustainability Community Environmental Educational Grant has been awarded to the Denmark Bird Group in 2022 to fund the printing of a revised Birdwatching around Denmark brochure for distribution within the Denmark Community and to be made available to visitors through the Denmark Visitor Centre, the Denmark Environment Centre Shop and at the Shire’s reception foyer.

South Coast NRM

Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee

Green Skills Inc

Great Southern Science Council

Our Mission

To engage Members, Associates and the Denmark Community with bird-focused activities and advocacy that lead to positive outcomes for the conservation of birds and their habitats 

Our Values

By its actions to be a Group that is considered to be




by its Members, its Associates and by the Community

To contact a committee member e-mail them at:


stating the name of the person you wish to contact

Denmark Bird Group Constitution