Bird Talks-6

Fifty people attended the latest incarnation of the DBG’s series of Bird Talks. They heard an array of speakers talking on a wide range of subjects; Birds – A Noongar Perspective, Birds and Plastics, For the Love of Waterbirds and Threatened Bird Conservation on the South Coast. Dr Harriet Paterson got things started talking about the mind boggling array of man made objects that find their way into the gizzards of many of our seabirds, including not only plastics, but also man-made fibres, glass and metal screws. “Aunty” Carol Petterson recounted the role of birds in Noongar life from Currawongs warning of far-off storms to bush birds alerting of snakes and the presence of water. After a refreshment break, renowned bird photographer and author, Georgina Steytler showed us why she is so renowned with some superb photos of waterbirds that can be found in the Eungedup Wetlands. Finally Hannah Bannister of South Coast NRM enlightened us on the efforts being made to monitor and conserve the threatened bird species of the south coast, especially the Western Ground Parrot, the Australasian Bittern and the Malleefowl.

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