Convenor’s Report 2023 – Graham Dixon

Convenor’s Annual Report

Annual General Meeting 30 August 2023

Another Year has passed

Following on from what was a very full year for the Denmark Bird Group in 2021 / 2022, the Committee decided that in 2022 / 2023 the focus should be on the core activities of Citizen Science Bird Data Surveys, Pre Prescribed Burn Surveys and progressing the infrastructure projects at the Djerrt Mia Bird Sanctuary and to host one main community event being a Bird Talks Event.

However, the past year evolved into what has been a busy year for the Denmark Bird Group Committee. The events and achievements may be summarised as follows:

  • Hosting Bird Talks 6
  • Hosting Bird Talks 7
  • Birds on Farms Workshop and Field Trip
  • Regular Citizen Science Shorebird and Waterbird Surveys
  • Participation in Birdlife Australia National Bird Surveys and Webinars
  • Commencement of regular Citizen Science Bird Surveys within the island area of the Djerrt Mia Bird Sanctuary
  • Quarterly Citizen Science Bird Surveys of areas where large prescribed burns are planned by DBCA
  • Working together with the Shire of Denmark officers to obtain the funding and then overseeing the implementation of the Djerrt Mia Bird Sanctuary permanent fence across the southern boundary of the island
  • Working with the Shire of Denmark on the design of the initial Djerrt  signage and overseeing the installation of the signage
  • Hosting regular Bird Outings for Members and guests
  • Working with WICC to facilitate representation for the Denmark Bird Group on the Eungedup Wetlands Management Committee
  • Forming a relationship with the recently established Friends of Kooryunderup-Mount Hallowell Group and hosting an inaugural joint bird outing at Mount Hallowell

Our Supporters and Sponsors

We have continued to maintain our important relationship with the following organisations, conservation and environmental groups and acknowledge their ongoing support

  • Birdlife Australia
  • Birdlife Western Australia
  • Denmark Environment Centre Inc.
  • Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee Inc.
  • Green Skills Inc.
  • Great Southern Science Council
  • South Coast Bushcare Services Inc.
  • Denmark Bulletin
  • Denmark FM Radio 99.7
  • Shire of Denmark

The DBG Committee Team and Members

The very talented and dedicated DBG Committee Members continue to ensure there is a “voice” within the Great Southern Region supporting the protection and welfare of birds.

I wish to thank each Committee Member for volunteering their time and assisting to ensure the future of the Denmark Bird Group. The support and encouragement shown to me during the past two years has been greatly appreciated.

Membership of the DBG is now at 136.

All members are encouraged to consider participation in Bird Watching Outings and Bird Surveys no matter their level of experience or expertise.

The Future

There are exciting plans for the Denmark Bird Group during the ensuing year.

A new Committee will be elected tonight who will inform all DBG Members of those plans, soon after the AGM.

The ongoing infrastructure development of the Djerrt Mia Bird Sanctuary will feature in the DBG’s ongoing plans.

Handing Over

I joined the Denmark Bird Group in 2020 and at the AGM in August of that year I was nominated and elected as the Convenor, the position I have held until now.

Upon becoming a Committee Member, I was surprised that the Group did not have a permanent venue where meetings could be held and had no mailing address and no domicile address. I was also surprised that the group did not have a dedicated website.

The following is my reflection on some important achievements, not in any particular order.

As Convenor I encouraged the DBG Committee to explore the options of building a website. Following on from several meetings I was pleased that John Anderson had the skills and initiative and was able to volunteer his time to build and create the wonderful website we have today.

It was not long before it became apparent that the DBG should make application for incorporation, thereby becoming a legal entity and enhancing the opportunities to apply for grant funding. The DBG Treasurer, Nick Whishaw attended to the preparatory work and oversaw the incorporation process.

With the assistance of Geoff Evans and Gaynor Mitchell from the DEC, I was able to gain approval from the DEC Committee for the DBG to utilise their meeting room on a regular basis and then subsequently obtained approval for the DBG to place signage at the front and rear of the DEC building and to use the DEC street address for the DBG mailing address.

The final stages of facilitating the Bird Sanctuary approval processes through the Shire was extremely time consuming and I wish to particularly thank Brad Kneebone and Jesz Fleming for assisting to bring this to a successful conclusion.

For personal reasons I am standing down as Convenor. It has been my honour and my privilege to have represented the Denmark Bird Group during the past two years.

I am extremely pleased that Kirsty Anderson has nominated for the position of Convenor. I have no doubt that, if elected, Kirsty will be the right person to lead the Denmark Bird Group forward.

I wish Kirsty and the newly elected DBG Committee every success during the next year.

As I have said previously, I am confident about the future of this wonderful group and take comfort in the knowledge that the Denmark Bird Group has ongoing support of our like-minded members and the majority of the Denmark Community.

Graham Dixon


Denmark Bird Group Inc.

1 thought on “Convenor’s Report 2023 – Graham Dixon”

  1. Great Report, it’s only when someone takes the time and trouble to write up the achievements that we can really stand back and acknowledge them, Kirsty’s talk at Bird Talk 7 brought out so many triumphs such as Millie and her microlight, it all adds up to a very satisfying performance of the whole committee. Very much a team effort and led by the very capable Graham.
    I think that Kirsty suggested a social event to reflect on our achievements, a great idea. a suggestion below:

    Bar Tarifa, where Yolanda and Michael prepare great food at the most reasonable prices that you’ll find in Denmark. I’m happy to organise and ensure that our dietary requirements are met. You buy your own drinks and Michael does a beautiful non alcoholic cordial. It meets the BUY LOCAL criteria, and has a lovely atmosphere.

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