Denmark bird Group Inc 2022 AGM

The AGM for Denmark Bird Group Inc was held on 24 August 2022 and was attended by 27 people.

The following officers and committee members were elected:

Convener: Graham Dixon

Deputy Convener: Jill Williams

Secretary: Alan Bewsher

Treasurer: Jill Williams

Committee: Brad Kneebone, Jesz Fleming, Mark Hackleton, Nick Shaw, Kath Shaw, Kirsty Anderson, John Anderson, Des Arrow, Teresa Ashton-Graham, Andrew Dickinson, Tim Gamblin and Beryl Muelenbroek.

The Treasurer and Convener presented and tabled their respective reports and these were duly accepted.

Red Cap awards were presented to Jesz Fleming and Tina Smith (in-absentia) for their contributions over the last few years. Framed photographs were presented to Brad Kneebone and Jill Williams commemorating their flights over the Wilson Inlet and Bird sanctuary and the efforts of “retiring” Secretary, Kirsty Anderson and Treasurer, Nick Whishaw were recognised

The formal meeting was closed and two guest presenters, Bart Lebbing and Shaun Ossinger talked on the enormous environmental damage being done by the current prescribed burning practice and on the plans to purchase the Eungedup wetlands to protect the endangered Australian Bittern and preserve the wetlands for future generations.


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