Festival of Birds and Biodiversity – Bird Talks 5

60 People attended the latest Bird Talks Event, part of the Festival of Birds and Biodiversity, run by Green Skills. Four dynamic young women spoke on Backyard Birds, Black Cockatoos, Fairy Terns and the Western Ground Parrot. Dr Rochelle Steven of Murdoch University inspired the audience to transform their backyards into avian havens and to promote birds and conservation of habitat to anyone who would listen! Merryn Pryor discussed the plight of our Black Cockatoos, their conservation status and what we can all do to help these endangered birds. Claire Greenwell, the Australian guru of all things to do with Fairy Terns, talked about her research findings into the feeding habits of these vulnerable, diminutive birds. Finally Helena Stokes summarised the trials and tribulations of the rare Western Ground Parrot and the program to save it. This event was a great treat for both bird enthusiasts and conservation-minded people, despite covid restrictions. Many thanks to Green Skills, the Shire of Denmark who funded our new screen and projector and to the Great Southern Science Council for their financial support. Also many thanks to Brad and Kirsty for their tireless efforts in organising this event and to all the other committee members for their efforts.

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