More Migratory Shorebirds arrive for Summer (17 October 2021)

Whilst we were installing the temporary fence on Friday (15 October), we saw four Red-necked Stints, the first we’ve seen this year at Ocean Beach. Perhaps even more exciting was a group of about 50 Fairy Terns, roosting and feeding along with the Crested Terns. They were also landing on Fairy Tern Island, just north of the main island.

Yesterday (16 October) we went to Morley Beach, there is a reasonable amount of sand / mud exposed and we saw a group of about 50 Red-necked Stints and a Curlew Sandpiper. But the highlight was a beautiful Terek Sandpiper, which was in the company of a lone Red-necked Stint. It is unusual to see them this far south, although two were seen in Albany last year, their orange legs and up-turned bill makes them quite distinctive, they also have some webbing between their toes.

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