Highlights at Lowlands

Eighteen members turned-out on a bright, sunny morning, albeit a little cool to participate in a well organised walk from Francis Road to Ryan Road along the Munda-Biddi track in Lowlands. As we set-off, the hillside to the north east was covered in Peppermints and Marri and soon the distinctive calls of Red-tailed and Carnaby’s cockatoos were heard, followed closely by a good sighting of the Red-tails. We were accompanied by small flocks of Silvereyes for much of the walk as well as the ever curious Grey Fantails. Several pairs of Australasian Shelduck were seen flying over the woodland, possibly trying to find a suitable tree hollow in which to nest. The paddocks to our left also yielded large flocks of mixed Ibis; White and Straw-necked. The walk concluded at Ryan Road with the sighting of a mixed flock of Silvereyes and Yellow-rumped Thornbills, followed by a Wedge-tailed Eagle sighted on the way back to our host’s property. Many thanks to Alan and Jean for hosting morning tea and organising an enjoyable walk. Thanks to Lucia for the group photos.

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