Owingup Outing

Fifteen Members assembled opposite the “Little IGA” on Tuesday morning, undeterred by Council Sewerage works or the thought of taking-on Owingup Swamp!

After negotiating the track and some dexterous parking, the crew made their way down to the Swamp, to be greeted by Grey Fantails, Splendid Fairy-wrens and a Western Whistler. The immediate shoreline was deserted, but the far-side had plenty of birds, but proved difficult to identify even with binoculars, however Little Pied and Little Black Cormorants, Darters, Swans and Pelicans were noted, together with two small rafts of Hoary-headed Grebes and a Musk Duck.

As the group made their way to the eastern shoreline a small group of Elegant Parrots was seen. A couple of Spotless Crakes were spotted (or not!) in the reed beds, slowly coming-out on to the edge of the reeds before scurrying back in when alarmed. A group of Spoonbills, some ducks a Pelican and some gulls were seen occupying one of the granite mounds keeping a wary eye out for the Swamp Harrier patrolling the reedbeds.

We returned to the west and Rosemary enlightened us on the many “Yabby Buttons” which were found in the mud, they are produced by the Yabby when it moults its hard exoskeleton to preserve the valuable minerals which are then re-absorbed to harden the new shell.

An Emu was seen wading in the swamp, what it was doing remains a mystery – feeding, drinking or cooling-down were all suggested.

We continued west in the hope of finding some White-fronted Chats, to no avail, however a single male was spotted on the way back by a splinter group, wading around the reedbeds. Morning tea was had back at the carpark and lists were compared, resulting in a total of 33 species.

Spot the Whistler…. (Photo: Diana Plyley)
Looking Southwest…. (Photo: Diana Plyley)
Owingup Swamp, looking West (Photo: Diana Plyley)

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  1. Thanks for the synopsis of our interesting and fun swamp outing. I never knew about “yabby buttons”!!

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