Twin Creeks and Tree-in-a-rock

A small convoy of vehicles set-out from Denmark just after 8am under leaden skies and rain, drove to Twin Creeks in the rain and arrived in drizzle. But, as forecast by meteorologist extraordinaire, Mr. N Shaw the skies cleared and the sun appeared, unfortunately the wind did not abate, making bird observation a little tricky. There were Yates in flower attracting New Holland, Gilbert’s and Brown honeyeaters along with Western Spinebillls. There were scrubwrens in the scrub with Inland Thornbills amongst the thorns and wrens that refused to pop their heads above the bush to enable a positive ID. A few parrots were seen, the usual ringnecks and red-caps, plus a fleeting glimpse of a Regent Parrot. After a cool coffee break in the wind, the convoy moved-on to the Tree-in-a-Rock car park. After doing battle with the ticket machine a scan of the car park was made, which (strangely) failed to find any birds and the main group moved on to look for the rock with its associated tree. Meanwhile a few stragglers were treated to the sight of a Grey Shrike-thrush and Rufous Treecreeper as they scanned the picnic area for choice comestibles (the birds that is). The main grouped returned having confirmed that the Tree and Rock were still very much associated with each other. The treecreeper reappeared as did the Shrike-thrush as well as wrens, scrubwrens and Gilbert’s Honeyeater. Lunch was had, birds listed and as the car park fell into shadow the party dispersed and returned to Denmark.

Rufous Treecreeper
Grey Shrike-thrush
Observing Rufous Treecreeper and Mrs Smith

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